TALKING ZEN by Alan Watts

by: Alan Watts

There is no one quite like Alan Watts for breezy, entertaining and easy-to-read books that are at the same time wise and academically sound. Even though he died in 1973, he left a wealth of recorded talks that have been easy to reframe as books. Zen is in the title here but these chapters cover other topics in the field of Eastern wisdom, like Taoism for example. Chapters include Taoist Ways, Swimming Headless and Picture Without a Frame. This small book can fit very easily into your pocket and thus his uplifting wisdom can be available to you wherever you are. Alan Watts was born and grew up in England but his outlook was shaped by his life in California, where he became a counterculture celebrity, but through it all he remained one of the greatest teachers in religion of the 20th century. There is no one better on that quicksilver quality of Zen.

272pp, 177 x 128 mm, Paperback, 2022, RRP £17.99

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