TANTRA MADE EASY by Shashi Solluna

by: Shashi Solluna

I think we are all aware that Tantra does not necessarily mean sex and
sexuality but it undoubtedly does involve them. This book does though for the
most part look at spiritual development through relationship and sexual
energy. The sensual life exists in the dance of Shiva and Shakti, male and
female, body and spirit, passive and receptive. The author has been involved
in both the Osho lineage and the teachings of Taoist master Mantak Chia.
The book is well grounded in Tantric philosophy, but is also full of practical
exercises and personal anecdotes about her path to Tantra. It’s a positive and
life-enhancing book about reconciling apparent opposites through the path of
love and relationship.

272pp, 131 x 196 mm, Paperback, 2018