by: Kim Arnold

There are many tarot packs available these days. For the beginner a colourful
set of picture cards that have a personal appeal is recommended, but
experienced reader Kim Arnold prefers the traditional Rider Waite pack. The
book follows these cards in detail but the information can easily be adapted to
other packs. The bulk of the book looks at individual cards, what the image
represents, its message and an affirmation for when that card is drawn. There
are also instructions on different ways to lay out the cards and how to learn to
link cards for deeper meaning. It is not essential to be psychic to study and
interpret Tarot cards but inevitably regular use tends to awaken a sixth sense.
Tarot is shown as a tool for help and guidance that always allows for choice.
The individual chooses whether or not to seek out and heed their message.

256pp, 129 x 196 mm, Paperback, 2018