by: Sandra Anne Taylor

For anyone who has struggled to understand and access this hidden library of
knowledge, a book that offers to make the Akashic Records easy will be
welcome. To access this energetic vibration of thought, emotion and
information it is essential to open the mind, meditate and breathe, and there
are exercises here to help achieve these states. The records contain valuable
information about past lives, global knowledge and spiritual truths. A guided
meditation takes you to a sacred temple and introduces a guide to the
records. With the knowledge you gain it may be possible to shift the future for
the better. Many people in history have accessed the records including
famous names such as Edgar Cayce, but this book encourages anyone with
the right desire and motivation to seek their own personal wisdom there.
272pp, 209 x 197 mm, Paperback, 2018
Code: 290109