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EARTH ALCHEMY Glennie Kindred

by: Glennie Kindred

Glennie Kindred made a miraculous discovery - that there is a direct link between the energies of the art of alchemy and the eight Celtic festivals which span the year. This book teaches how to fuse the beautiful ancient potencies that flow through these festivals with your inner life and truly learn to become an alchemist. Glennie's spiritual guide for this process is Hermes Mercurius, who transcribed the Egyptian Emerald Tablet for humanity, so her alchemical art is of the highest order - that which transforms your interior self to spiritual gold. Beautifully illustrated with Glennie's own deep evocations of alchemical spirit, this book is a must if you are seeking to garner the purest spiritual magic from the natural world to become a powerful force for change in the world.