by: Andy Sharp

This isn’t your normal Cygnus title but it’s very good and I have never really seen anything like it before. It’s an alternative take on heritage, a guidebook to places where weird things happened: some of them are quite dark but others are more upbeat, being places associated with gods and goddesses from different traditions. There are photos of some of the locations made to look like Wish You Were Here postcards. There are some practical tips on where to stay in these places which range from London to Nantes, New York to India and the wastes of the Sahara to Stranraer in Scotland, but it’s not meant to be a practical guidebook. It’s an inspiration to visit a set of amazing places, like Avebury and Chiswick House in the UK or Zugarramurdi in Spain and Hendaye in France. Just being close to these sites of initiation or alchemical practice will surely inspire us.

290pp, 203 x 178 mm, Paperback, 2023, RRP £18.99