by: Wendy E Cook

Have you heard of biodynamics - a way living and gardening with respect for nature's cycles, phases and seasons, sustainability and spiritual ecology, appreciating ingredients on an energetic level? In 1924, at a time when industrial farming and mass production were on the rise, Rudolf Steiner spoke of the qualitative aspects of food, and outlined the biodynamics agricultural method founded on a holistic perception of nature. Of course, a wonderful element of this lifestyle is eating an abundance of flavourful, nutritious and enjoyable food, and here is a scrumptious cookbook to help you! Full of information, beautifully illustrated and packed with tempting, healthy, tasty ideas, Wendy Cook takes us on a journey through the four seasons, presenting over 150 delicious recipes inspired by her many years of working with biodynamic nutrition. If you love food, you'll love it even more when you sample the delights of this wonderful book.
256pp, 213mm x 297mm, illus. in colour, Paperback, 2006