by: Emine Ali Rushton

'Fact: diets don't work, so we need a new approach. This easy-to-read book tunes you into your body, making it easy to eat healthily and rebalance your life. And, as many have found, the pounds then fall away...' - Josephine Fairley, co-founder of Green and Black's Your body knows best, but are you listening? Put an end to crash diets forever with a personalized eating plan that works with your body to deliver all-round wellbeing and sustainable weight loss.

This book is the first to decode the 5000-year-old science of life known as Ayurveda specifically for busy, modern lives. It shows just how simple and practical a body-balancing, seasonal lifestyle can be, helping you beat stress, lose weight and feel energized and positive, every day.*Lose weight and optimize your wellbeing by eating according to your body's unique personality (dosha) and in tune with the seasons* Kickstart a lighter, happier, healthier body with an easy-to-follow, three-dayAyurvedic immersion diet* Enjoy comprehensive holistic wellbeing advice from the foremost experts,including The Organic Pharmacy founder, Margo MarroneThe Body Balance Diet Plan simply and practically translates your body's individual needs to help you beat cravings, lose weight and feel energised. The antidote to crash and yo-yo diets, this book presents a painless and positive way to eat healthily, for life.

With clear chapters, Emine Ali Rushton pinpoints why it is that modern life takes such a toll on our health, and talks honestly and realistically about how to transform our wellbeing, without pain, guilt or deprivation. The Body Balance Diet Plan provides a truly livable system of daily support to those who feel their lives are in desperate need of balance.