THE C LIST by Rachel Bown

by: Rachel Bown

Bowel cancer, despite being the UK's second biggest cancer killer, still receives a shockingly low level of awareness. This book aims to redress this by telling the story of a mother or two who embarked on a crash course dealing with advanced bowel cancer at the age of 45. Having absolutely no preparation, her lists help her gain control over what fast becomes an even more chaotic and unpredictable life.

Her diagnosis presents a wake-up call to what's important in life, and insists that daft and often funny things can still happen to people living with cancer. This is a memoir packed full of useful advice for making the best your sudden situation - from learning how to deal with your new menagerie of medics to how to avoid all the usual cancer faux pas! As someone who describes herself as habitually "not doing today what I can put off till tomorrow", Rachel shares with you all the lists you need to cope with gaining back some control from the chaos. This is the ultimate reader-friendly guide on how to deal with operation after operation, the reality of chemotherapy and, when that's over, how to function on a daily basis with your 'new normal'.

But most importantly, it's a record of how Rachel taught her children resilience, her number one challenge in life.

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