by: Mike Murphy

This slim volume promises to deliver a powerful seven-week programme for
creating the life of your dreams. The author is a man who turned his own life
around and wants to share the secret of how he did it. There is probably
nothing new here, just the advice we have heard about and ignored or failed
to take on board in the past. But if the time has come for you to really engage
with positive change, this compact manual is a good companion and mentor.
All the best tips for turning failure into success and negative to positive are
lined up. The law of attraction, a clear view of what you want to achieve, love,
good health, generosity, it’s all here in a hard-hitting format. For those truly
and powerfully motivated this is a book to have close by as it really could help
you transform your life.

200pp, 127 x 202 mm, Paperback, 2018