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THE DNA WAY by Kashif Khan

by: Kashif Khan

The DNA Way is a preventative guide to various health issues and their link to an individual's DNA. In it, readers will discover what the DNA Company experts have learned about chronic illness and genetic predispositions, based on years of in-depth genetic analysis of the DNA results of more than 7,000 people. Topics that will be addressed include mood and behaviour, energy, diet and nutrition, weight management, sleep, and more. The book will delve into Kashif's personal journey of overcoming his own genetic legacy and health challenges-using his own DNA results as a case study-and in navigating that journey, how he came to develop a company whose aim is to elevate humanity. It also outlines recommendations-including what foods to eat, how to exercise, and where and how to work-that have helped him prevent or reverse illness, slow down the aging process, and optimize his performance. Learn how to access your human instruction manual-the DNA way.