ENERGY TO HEAL by Lauren Walker

by: Lauren Walker

During these difficult times, it’s comforting to discover a new way of tackling stress and trauma. The author, Lauren Walker, is the founder of Energy Medicine Yoga and in this book she explains her unique healing system which combines yoga with energy work. It’s thoughtfully written so that each person reading the book gets the most out of it; it’s also totally approachable and you don’t even need any yoga background before diving in. It offers simple, practical and gentle tools to use to help us heal from whatever is stressing us, and ultimately it helps you to respond rather than react. The book is given a big thumbs up by Donna Eden, the guru of Energy Medicine: “...This pioneering approach of Energy Medicine Yoga to move beyond trauma is an important book that you will turn to again and again”.

264pp, 229 x 152 mm, Paperback, 2022, RRP £16.99

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