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by: Eva Cwynar

The Fatigue Solution is a 21st century woman's health guide for generating physical as well as emotional strength, balancing hormones, reclaiming sexual vitality and restoring energy. Dr Eva Cwynar, endocrinologist and metabolic medicine specialist, shares her programme for rejuvenating and reinvigorating your life. She helps you to identify and understand the source of fatigue-related health conditions such as weight gain, chronic stress, anxiety, hormone imbalance, poor sleep, lack of concentration and menopause complications. You will boost your energy through stamina enhancing foods, banishing toxins, improving sleep habits and movement, increasing endorphin release and your metabolism, and discovering the herbs, supplements and vitamins that protect you from energy loss. She shows how you can find out if your thyroid is doing its job, what you can do to keep it working efficiently, and how to find if you have any deficiencies contributing to your fatigue. This thorough and caring programme will be of great help to women.
360pp, 152mm x 226mm, Paperback, 2012

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