There are 44 cards in this deck. They include 17 archangels who are the traditional figures like Michael, Raphael and Cassiel. Then there are 17 of what Calista calls the Archeia, who are female figures that embody virtues and qualities like Joy, Clarity, Freedom and Victory and are counterpoints to the archangels. On top of that the archangels are also depicted in quite androgynous ways which surely must also correspond with their true nature as beyond gender. Finally there are also 10 other cards that embody aspects of angel healing and include Source, Ancestry and New Earth. All the cards are drawn in bright pastel colours and have that “heavenly” look about them. There is a large guidebook with tips on how to use the cards, and of course they can be used for both divination and inspiration. The author lives at Findhorn.

44 cards + 176pp booklet, 2022, RRP £19.99

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