GOOD TAROT by Colette Baron-Reid

by: Colette Baron-Reid

My first impression of this deck is that it is half way between a Tarot and oracle deck. There are 78 cards, and the suits are divided in to Earth, Air, Fire and Water. My initial curiosity was to flick through the cards to find Death and as I expected, we have Transformation.  On the other hand, clients can feel fragile and the familiar, dramatic images of Death, Tower and Devil can be a bit difficult at such times. And she still hasn’t diminished the gravity of the effect of these cards.

I would use the images intuitively rather than connect them to the traditional card meaning. I’ve also found that reading it with number, element, image and colour are the best way forward with this deck.

The guidebook is well written and Colette actually mentions that the deck was a calling from spirit and this clearly comes through in the images.  I love the fact that each card has a meaning and an affirmation to work with, I think this would be helpful for some clients. Take a look at the cards, if you want something different then invest in the deck, certain cards will call you as they did me, in my case particularly The Magician. This deck will stretch your imagination and make you think outside the box, and as a reader this can only be a good and positive thing.

Review written by Kim Arnold, who runs the wonderful Tarot Conferences:

78 cards, 127 x 140 mm, Boxed Set, 2017