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by: Jackie Lynch

The menopause is a hugely important phase in a woman’s life, which is transformational and can be enormously liberating on a number of levels, because the hormones that have driven your decisions, your approach and your emotions since puberty start to take a back seat. It’s an opportunity for a whole new perspective, where you can become more aware of yourself and have the confidence and head space to focus on your own choices. With this book, author and nutritionist Jackie Lynch helps you to move through the transitional period with more ease, creating a solid foundation for you to flourish. She explores what the menopause actually entails on a biological level, and gives advice on how a nutritional diet, physical activities and good all-around lifestyle choices can enable you to use this stage in your life to your advantage. It also includes several healthy and tasty food recipes, and information on which herbal remedies that will work best for you.

256pp, 204 x 145 mm, Paperback, 2020, RRP £12.99