by: Kamlesh D Patel

The modern world tells us that happiness and fulfilment is found in the successes and status we achieve, but then often as we achieve we find there is always another, better thing to reach for that leaves happiness just out of reach. The Heartfulness Way reveals the step-by-step methods to stop striving for outward happiness and instead feel the happiness from within. Kamlesh Patel is the current spiritual leader of the Heartful movement and he breaks down the simple practices that can be used to feel true spiritual growth, deeper well-being, and genuine joy. To live a Heartful life incorporates many practices that you may already be familiar with like meditation and prayer, but the loving philosophy of Heartfulness is truly inspiring and absolutely worth exploring.
232pp, 228 x 153 mm, Paperback, 2018, RRP £12.99
Code: 290254