by: Adriana Ayales

Each of the 55 cards in this delightful deck covers one plant or fungus. They are ordered by their planetary sign and then each card also has a quality associated with the herb, for example Joy with Hibiscus, Offering with Tobacco, Initiation with Cacao and Teacher with Arnica. There are also symbols for other planetary correspondences printed on each card. Finally there is a nice chunky guidebook inside which includes further information about each card. For me it’s a great way to get to know a lot of the most powerful plants and fungi and to know how they can be used for healing and spiritual development. The cards are all depicted in calm, autumnal colours. The creator of the deck was born in Costa Rica and is an initiated medicine woman. SORRY, NOW OUT OF STOCK UNTIL FEB 2023

55 cards + 176pp guidebook, 2022, RRP £18.98

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