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by: Isabel Losada

It’s not always easy to live up to all the ideals of environmental sustainability that we have these days. Even though we all like to think we do our small share to help Mother Earth, it almost seems like we’re just “changing light bulbs on the Titanic” as author Isabel Losada calls it. However, although this book deals with a somewhat gloomy subject, it is actually written from a very uplifting and humorous angle, which inspires us to take on a more optimistic outlook on the state of the world. Isabel talks about her own search for a more sustainable lifestyle, and does not exclude her own shortcomings and how the quest for a better future can be all but easy. She also shares what she has learned, and the small things we all can do to help the planet out, such as buying less plastic, planting trees and using less electricity. Packed with hilarious anecdotes and great tips, this book will both make you laugh as well as make you feel more optimistic about the future.

272pp, 136 x 216 mm, Paperback, 2020, RRP £12.99

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