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by: David Ashworth

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This is an extraordinary personal journey of transformation, a template for all our transformations. David Ashworth’s message is deceptively simple: the time to change is now. The Age of Aquarian Light is here, pulling more and more people into its flow of healing, and beginning a world-wide process of awakening and illumination for all those able to open to it. But the wave of energy that brings the light is travelling faster and faster. Every second we hesitate makes it harder to reach the speed needed to ride the wave. The Guides who speak through David are very clear that if we hesitate, it will be too late. David has transformed from hands-on healer to healing channel, and now has access to hugely powerful energies and is in a position to open others to them. His invitation is clear: are we willing to activate the God-consciousness within us, to become co-creators with God of His universe? The journey is immense, and if you have trust, you can begin it. Only you can decide, and The Keys of Transformation will help you make your choice.