by: Diana Cooper

In preparation for 2012, Diana Cooper and Kathy Crosswell' s The Keys to the Universe, brings forward ancient knowledge of the forty eight keys to universal knowledge and wisdom, and the two golden cosmic keys, one in Hollow Earth and one in Sirius. The book and CD will enable you to connect to the secrets of the animal kingdom, the nature kingdom, the elementals, archangels and beings of the angelic realms, cosmic Masters, the wisdom centre of the star systems and Hollow Earth. These keys also enable you to access your Higher Self and Monad (I AM Presence). Each has a sound and colour that unlocks the door to sacred knowledge. When you listen to the sound keys with your heart open, you will start your attunement to the Cosmic Keys held in Hollow Earth and Sirius. And when you hold all the keys to the universe you are an enlightened ascended master and you can access the true blueprint of Earth and help to bring it back.

192pp, 152mm x 218mm, illus. in colour, Paperback + CD, 2010

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