MINDFUL MANIFESTO Dr Jonty Heaversedge

by: Dr Jonty Heaversedge

Written by a GP and a health writer, The Mindful Manifesto, is the first book to integrate the latest scientific and medical research on mindfulness with meditation's historical context. For thousands of years Eastern traditions have taught meditation to help people lead healthier, happier lives. Now, scientific research is confirming that mindfulness can help us all improve our mental and physical well-being. We see how it can: treat mental health problems such as depression and anxiety, help us cope with the busy-ness of everyday life, improve our physical health and help manage chronic illness, enable us to let go of unwanted behaviours, and improve how we function in our relationships and jobs. With examples of how the mindfulness movement is already well underway, we see that encouraging governments and other powerful institutions to take a mindful approach could make a massive difference to the health and happiness of the whole world.
284pp, 136mm x 216mm, Paperback, 2010

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