by: Wendy O'Leary

This is the latest book by educator and public speaker Wendy O’Leary and it’s intended to help children (and adults!) see all feelings, and especially bad ones, as a parade that goes past you which you can choose to witness and not engage with. It’s written in rhyming verse and meant to be read to younger children. These are all familiar monsters that we see quite often, like anger, sadness and worry. We are used to having them around but sometimes they can feel scary; however we can also choose to see them as a regular parade that we are familiar with and which doesn’t bother us. The illustrator is clever and makes the creatures representing the feelings look nicer and friendlier once the witness has seen them as harmless friends. As you can see, the book uses the principles of CBT and Buddhism.

32pp, 249 x 235 mm, Hardback, 2022, RRP £15.99

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