Cygnus Star Titles, Esoteric



by: Peter Berg

The moon is intimately connected with the growth and development of plants. In this finely illustrated, full-colour book packed with practical tips, Peter Berg offers a clear summary of the basics of lunar and biodynamic gardening, together with in-depth sections on: activating and enlivening the soil; biodynamic preparations; making good compost; crop rotation and green manuring; cultivation work and care of the garden; practical plant protection; rich harvesting; saving your own seeds. Building on the intensive research of his mentor Maria Thun and the teachings of Rudolf Steiner, Berg explains how the subtle influences from the cosmos work on the plant world, distinguishing between 'root', 'leaf', 'blossom' and 'fruit' days in the working calendar. Enjoy productive, chemical-free gardening, with healthy plants, abundant harvests, and a spiritual and practical attunement to the moon, with the help of this inspiring book.

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