by: Colin Griffith

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The New Materia Medica Volume 2 is a sourcebook of provings for 36 key new remedies for the future of homeopathy. It includes radioactive Plutonium Nitricum, Microwave Radiation Pulsed G3 (to antidote effects of radiation from mobile phone masts); and Dolphin Sonar, helpful for those who find it hard to be incarnated in life. Other provings include Lapiz Lazuli, Cinnabar Moth, Pomegranate, and Organic Brown Rice. These new remedies have extraordinary depth of action, reaching far into the patient's psyche. A description of the source or substance in its natural state, is given with traditional medicinal uses of the plants and minerals. Now in use by practitioners of the Guild of Homoeopaths; notes from clinical cases show each remedy's application in practice, with the mental, emotional, and physical symptoms and remedy affinities to help with differential analysis. Remedies' affinities for glands and organs are suggested for complementary therapists.
509pp, 155mm x 236mm, hardcover, 2011