by: Stephanie Mines

This is a more political book dealing with the bigger planetary system than other books that are just about inner mental strength. Like so many others though it’s still about healing. The author is a doctor in neuropsychology who went through a process of deep pain and trauma in her early 30s which helped her remember a pre-birth trauma she had undergone. But as the subtitle of the book underlines, this is not just about personal, it’s also meant to help us deal with planetary trauma, including climate change and the pain of colonisation. Most of the energy teachings come from the Chinese and Taoist models as she shows us that a subtle touch along certain meridians is able to increase neuroresilience and makes us able to get past the trauma and shocks we have endured in our lives. It’s a less personal book than other titles here, but it holds out genuine promise in helping us with the things that terrify us.

192pp, 227 x 151 mm, Paperback, 2023, RRP £14.99

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