SECRET OF SHAMBHALA (Paperback) James Redfield

by: James Redfield

'The power of our vision and expectation flows out from us as a constant prayer. This power is stronger than anyone now knows and we must master it and begin to use it before it is too late.'
¶In The Secret of Shambhala, James Redfield takes us on a spiritual adventure through Tibet to a mysterious village set high in the Himalayan mountains. Here exists a community of people who live according to the Insights revealed in The Celestine Prophecy and The Tenth Insight. But as the adventure unfolds, it becomes clear that the secret village of Shambhala is in danger, threatened by foreign forces who seek to destroy its higher spiritual plane of existence. As usual, Redfield combines an exciting yarn with a vast amount of spiritual insight, which will give you plenty to think about and work on.