by: Seed Sistas

The Seed SistAs’ approach to sensory herbalism blends science, medicine, creativity, ritual, magic, and fun into a practical guide for readers to develop their own personal connection with plants. You will not only come to understand plants better through Sensory Herbalism, but you will also enhance your wellbeing, master nutritious recipes, and benefit from healing rituals. This book is entertaining, subversive, informative, and visually stunning thanks to the accompanying art from Belle Benfield. It will benefit every reader from the casually curious to the practised herbalist. The Seed SistAs are medically trained herbalists, activists, and modern plant folklorists on a mission to connect people with their local plants and to promote empowerment, autonomy, freedom and diversity in health care.

272pp, 216 x 182 mm, Paperback, 2019

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