SHACK William P Young

by: William P Young

'This book was a real eye-opener to me, and also a confirmation of what I' d long thought - that everyone is entitled to their own opinion on who or what God is. God can be anything you want him/her to be, and you' ll be accepted by him, however you picture him. I was brought up a Christian, and then later in life when I discovered my own path, I was told by some that I couldn' t continue to consider Jesus to be my friend - the way I' d always thought of him, if I didn' t 'conform' in other ways and stop believing in past lives. I couldn' t put this book down because it confirmed how ridiculous and unnecessary dogma is. Every page will make you smile, and honestly, if God can' t make you smile - who can?' Jenny Smedley, author of Pets Are Forever

This wonderful story transforms quite literally from being a seemingly routine 'whodunnit', to sweeping you along on a deeply spiritual journey. Mackenzie Allen Philips' daughter was abducted, and evidence that she may have been murdered was found in an abandoned shack deep in the wilderness. Years later, still in the midst of his resultant great sadness, Mack receives a suspicious note, apparently from God, inviting him back to that shack for a weekend. What he finds there changes Mack's world forever. William P Young's vivid and sensitive story considers some of the most difficult feelings to reconcile when dealing with our concepts of and life with God. He brooches forgiveness, guilt, blame, anger and revenge, and the question so often asked during hard times: 'Why did God allow that to happen?' What binds together everything that happens is love. Importantly, you are not expected to simply accept everything that happens to Mack as some sort of new theological textbook, rather to embark on your own journey, exploring your belief and trust in God, whatever your spiritual or religious commitment. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.
248pp, 128mm x 196mm, Paperback, 2008

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