by: Diana Cooper

The Silent Stones is Diana Cooper's first novel. Very exciting, it conveys, like all her books, a compelling spiritual message to us all. Handed a sacred scroll from Atlantis by a dying Tibetan monk, Marcus, Joanna and Helen are propelled into adventure as they race to get it translated and to follow the instructions. Because its contents hold the key to healing and empowering Earth and humanity, vested interests using dark powers will stop at nothing to prevent the information from being revealed. Diana Cooper weaves into her story profound elements of spiritual learning, as her characters gradually learn the seven Great Mysteries that are the spiritual laws of this planet. The scroll unveils the illusions by which humans live, the true purpose of Stonehenge and Machu Picchu, and seven important symbols - printed in the book - which will, if we use them, clear away obstructions, allowing us the freedom to follow our destiny.¶¶

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