Cygnus Star Titles



by: Judy Hall

Are you looking for a soulmate and expect to be blissfully happy when you find one? Have you found a soulmate only to be disappointed? Would you like to know why? Soulmates are both a powerful fact and one of the biggest illusions of all time. In The Soulmate Myth, Judy Hall explains why we so desperately seek a soulmate, and why few people find it the blissful experience they expect. It will show you why it might, perhaps, be better to avoid a soulmate altogether for the time being, and how to take back your heart if you have left it in the keeping of a false soulmate. Offering exercises and visualisations to heal the past, it then introduces the revolutionary new concept of twinflames: soulmates without the karma. When you have a realistic enough picture of what a soulmate could be, you can then attract a true companion of the heart.
260pp, 156mm x 234mm, Paperback, 2010

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