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STARSEED ORACLE by Rebecca Campbell

Rebecca Campbell is a rising star in the spiritual world. This alluring new deck is for Starseeds: souls who have a longing for the mysterious and unknown. The 53 cards feature evocative and ethereal landscapes in blues and pinks, including imagery from planets, star formations, portals, Ancient Egypt and stone circles. You feel called to these enigmatic locations and they evoke subconscious feelings that might surprise you. Maybe they are the places of your true origins. The book included will give you further nudges based on the card you chose that will help you connect with your inner guidance and true cosmic nature. Finally the book will give you a Starseed call to action that will attune you to what you are truly called to do in this incarnation.

Boxed set, 53 colour cards, 140 x 100 mm + 135pp guidebook, 2020.

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