by: Emma Hardy

I think one of the main philosophies behind Cygnus is that we aim to make a difference by doing small manageable things that help the world at large, rather than gaze at the big picture and feel daunted and helpless. This then is precisely the sort of book that we love to bring to your attention, where no obstacle is insurmountable when it comes to creating a beautiful and nurturing space for plants, animals, insects and human beings. Above all, you become a gardener, even though you might not begin the journey as a gardener: it’s written for a beginner, and the ideas on offer can be realised by anyone with just a basic level of competence. It’s packed full of colour photographs and of course all the gardening tips are non-toxic and generally natural. Like everyone I get depressed when I hear about a decline in numbers of bees, birds, insects and small mammals in this country, but with this book I feel that my little patch of ground will be a welcoming haven.

Paperback, 144pp, 2020