Angels and Beings

Card Decks



by: Mark Ryan

In The Wildwood Tarot, Mark Ryan and John Matthews draw inspiration from pre-Celtic mythology, shamanic wisdom and forest lore to create a divination system based on the seasonal rhythm and festivals of the ancient Wheel of the Year, that enables you to reconnect with ancestral knowledge from a long-lost world. This beautifully and intricately illustrated deck and guidebook reawakens the classic forest archetypes of the Green Man and Woman, the Archer, the Hooded Man and the Blasted Oak. You will meet symbolic animals, too - such as Hawk, Hare, Otter and Wolf - creatures that walked alongside us in the greenwood and whose spirits still resonate with us today. Follow the turning of the seasons, the movement and migration of animals, and the physical effects the elements have on both our practical and spiritual lives. Enter the wildwood, a world of myth and nature, a place of great simplicity and deep understanding, and hear your inner voice.
160pp, 152mm x 209mm, illus in colour, 2011