WOMAN WHO CHANGED HER BRAIN Barbara Arrowsmith-Young

by: Barbara Arrowsmith-Young

Barbara Arrowsmith-Young was born with severe learning disabilities that caused teachers to label her as slow, stubborn, or worse. As a child, she read and wrote everything backwards, was physically uncoordinated, and continually got lost. But by relying on her formidable memory and iron will, she made her way to graduate school, where she chanced upon research that inspired her to invent cognitive exercises to fix her own brain, now known as neuroplasticity. Barbara interweaves her personal story with riveting case histories drawn from over thirty years of her groundbreaking work. This remarkable book by a brilliant pioneer deepens our understanding of how the brain works. Our brains may shape us, but this book offers clear and hopeful evidence of the corollary: that we can shape our brains.