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TOP 100 LOW-CARB RECIPES by Nicola Graimes

by: Nicola Graimes

The Top 100 Low-Carb Recipes is the essential tool for anyone who is interested in controlling their weight by cutting down their intake of carbohydrates. And if you thought that a low-carb lifestyle meant eating unlimited amounts of unhealthy, fatty foods, then think again! The key to success is eating the right type of carb alongside good sources of protein and fat. By focusing on unrefined carbohydrates - and eating these in carefully controlled amounts - you can keep blood sugar levels steady, have heaps of energy, and feel fuller for longer. Featuring innovative, delicious and nutritionally balanced meals, this varied collection of 100 recipes - exciting, contemporary dishes that make use of a wide range of fresh and healthy ingredients from around the world - provides a safe and responsible blueprint for low-carb eating.

Paperback, 144pp, 170 x 140mm, 2016.

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