TWILIGHT OF PLUTO by John Michael Greer

by: John Michael Greer

This detailed and fascinating read explores the waxing and waning of planetary influences in astrology, with particular reference to Pluto which has recently been demoted to a dwarf planet and as such, has lost a lot of the influence it has had over us. Greer explains in detail how the demotion or proved nonexistence of a planet marks the beginning of a roughly 30-year period in which that planet’s influence fades out, giving several examples of earlier planet demotion, including Ceres, whose fifty-year reign as a planet corresponds closely to the Romantic Era of history. His main theme, however, is the change coming as the influence of Pluto fades out, and the good news is that a great many disruptive phenomena of the recent past will fade with the planet. This in turn will allow the notion of cosmos to regain its traditional role.

176pp, 227 x 152 mm, Paperback, 2022