WA - THE ART OF BALANCE by Kaki Okumura

by: Kaki Okumura

While we are inundated from all sides with information about living more healthily, this very abundance presents us with a challenge because it’s hard to know which tip is right, or at least will work for us. This book about the Japanese practice of ‘Wa’ is a lovely antidote to this kaleidoscope of information; it not only looks lovely and feels nice to hold, it reads like a kind friend having a chat with you about how you lead your life and how you could make it better. The author teaches us how to find balance in all aspects of life, principally eating, movement, rest and socialising, using solutions that are gentle, easy to adopt and timeless, and, most importantly, that allow us to stop having to impose restrictions and relying on our own willpower. It’s a lovely, holistic solution, beautifully written and illustrated.

248pp, 201 x 150 mm, Hardback, 2023