by: Rachel Bostman

This thought-provoking introduction to positive buying shows how you can play your part in an evolving win-win phenomenon. What’s Mine Is Yours explains practical ways to benefit out of things like mowers, drills and even cars, without having to carry huge up-front costs of ownership. People are already doing this in masses, using websites like Freecycle and Ebay, resulting in dramatic changes in our approach to consumerism. This important book shows how technological advances are driving forms of ‘collaborative consumption’, changing the way in which we interact with businesses and with each other. Interviews included, with world business leaders and opinion formers, create a coherent and challenging argument to show that the way we did business and consumerism in the 20th century is not the way we will do it in the 21st century. Are you ready to claim better control of your spending and make a difference to the world around you?