WILD ONCE by Vivianne Crowley

by: Vivianne Crowley

In 1989 Vivianne wrote a book called Wicca, which was one of the first pagan books to be published for a long time and which became a real go-to text on the subject. She has written books since but she is still best-known as a pagan, even though she has done lots of work since in shamanism and Jungian psychology. This is a good book that I enjoyed reading because it’s full of anecdotes about her life but it also brings in wisdom and teachings along the way. It tells stories that range across the world in all the places she has visited for her own personal learning and to teach others in classes and workshops. It really encourages and lifts the reader to go and search for magic and enchantment in their own lives, just as she has picked it up in all those wonderful locations. Ronald Hutton calls it “the best book on the experience of magic that I have ever read”.

336pp, 199 x 129 mm, Paperback, 2023, RRP £10.99