by: Melanie Tonia Evans

Although it was an almost unknown term a few years ago, narcissistic abuse
now seems to be reaching epidemic proportions. Not that it is anything new,
rather it is at last being recognised and understood. The author’s message,
that you can thrive and not just survive, comes from her own intense
experiences. She believes a narcissist is someone who never formed a solid
sense of inner identity and thus abuses others. She quotes scientific research
which shows that trauma can cause the condition, as well as faulty maternal
care, and it is also a condition that can be inherited from traumatised parents,
such as holocaust survivors. It is not easy to recognise narcissism in a
partner, or to recognise oneself as someone who can attract such a partner,
especially when deeply embroiled in an abusive and toxic relationship. Part
Two of this book contains exercises to get to the root of pain and start to
release the trauma to gain inner freedom.
272pp, 136 x 215 mm, Paperback, 2018, RRP £10.99
Code: 290145