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What you might not know about Deepak Chopra

October 16, 2014

You’d probably never have thought it, but before Deepak Chopra became a well loved mind-body-spirit expert and inspirational philosopher, he was a stressed out, chain smoking and discontented chief of medicine (yes, Western medicine) at a hospital in Boston, America. His work was having a negative impact on his life and he was consistently turning to alcohol.

‘Very unhappy people, physicians,’he...

Calling all angels!

October 08, 2014

How often do you look up? I looked up properly, for the first time in a long time, while I was at Tintern Abbey recently. The sacred architecture of the medieval building was clearly designed to draw the eye upwards and our awareness towards the heavens and the divine – the result of which was an eased mind, a lifted mood and a sense of faith restored in an instant.

Keep your head up, keep your...

OVERWHELMED: With Brigid Schulte

October 02, 2014

In this FREE podcast listen to author Brigid Schulte speak about her book Overwhelmed: Work Love and Play When No-One Has the Time

Overwhelmed: Work Love and Play When No-One Has the Time– Time pressure and stress is re-sculpting our brains and shaping our workplaces, our relationships and squeezing the space that the Greeks said was the point of living a Good Life: that elusive moment of peace...