Cygnus Star Titles





by: Anna Delves

Anna lost her eldest son unexpectedly in a tragic accident in July 2008. In her search for answers she started to receive life changing revelations from her son from the other side. These revelations enabled Anna to understand how our world was created and taught her to heal at the very deepest level. The fascinating story unfolds from the days that Anna spent communicating with her unconscious son as he lay dying in hospital, through to her incredible recent experiences in Peru. Her three year journey has given her insights that are massively changing her life and the lives of all who visit her. Anna did not know why she was being sent to Machu Picchu. As her trip drew near she made her plans in total trust that she was serving for the highest good. However, what unfolded in Peru was beyond even her expectations and brought this book to an astonishing conclusion. Anna's story is unique and well worth reading. Her insights will catapult you into a new phase of your life journey, speeding your own personal healing to a much deeper level and helping you understand much that you did not understand before. For those wishing to ascend in this lifetime this book will be very helpful. For those simply searching for an understanding of how we all come to be here, this book will throw much light on the subject. This is a very readable book, once started, will be difficult to put down.