BE HAPPY Robert Holden

by: Robert Holden

In Be Happy, Robert Holden gives you a front-row seat to his eight-week happiness course! Written with insight, compassion and humour, Robert guides you through a set of scientifically proven principles and exercises that have been hailed as 'a genuine fast-track to happiness'. Encapsulating Dr. Holden's world famous techniques, this book shows you how to stop chasing happiness and start enjoying your life as it happens. With him you will create a happiness contract to undo your mental and emotional blocks to happiness and success, learn to forgive old mistakes, accept that the past cannot be changed and focus on being happy now. Use the power of happiness to bless your life, let your relationships flourish, and help you be a truly loving presence in the world.
304pp, 134mm x 214mm, Paperback, 2009


The Happiness Genie

One week before you begin my happiness course, you are sent in the mail a document called 'The Happiness Interview.' The idea is that you set aside one hour to interview yourself on happiness. You are the interviewer - although there is nothing to stop you from pretending that Oprah or another talk-show host is interviewing you. You may wish to do 'The Happiness Interview' alone or with a friend,  a partner, or anyone else you are close to. All I ask is that you take a full 60 minutes (or more), that you answer all the questions as honestly as possible, and that you hand in a copy to me on the morning of my first class.

'The Happiness Interview' is a friendly primer that helps you to prepare for your happiness journey over the next eight weeks. It is designed to help you start thinking more consciously and more deeply about the true nature of happiness. The interview includes questions like 'What is your definition of happiness? And are you living it?' And 'Who is the happiest person you know? And what have they taught you about true happiness?' I find that few people have ever given a full hour of their lives to this important subject. And yet, everyone who does this interview gains some valuable insight and knowledge. 

'The Happiness Interview' asks you why you want to take the happiness course (or, indeed, why you want to read this book). 'What are you primary intentions and motivations?' Clarity of intention helps you, I believe, to be more receptive and to engage yourself fully in whatever you give yourself to. The interview also asks you to name any hopes or fears you have about the course. This helps me tailor a program that meets the specific needs of the individuals in the group. 

The main reason for 'The Happiness Interview' is that I want you to reflect on where happiness ranks in your life. 'How important is happiness to you? And why?' For instance, is happiness a primary life goal for you? Do you ever make happiness a conscious intention at the start of your day? Do you consider happiness to be part of your life's purpose? Right now, is your priority to be happier or to make more money? Do you want to be truly happy, or do you prefer to play it safe? The more you acknowledge the importance of happiness in your life, the more deeply you will want to dive into your happiness inquiry. And the deeper your inquire into the nature of true happiness, the more fully true happiness will reveal itself to you. 

To prepare for writing this book, I reread several hundred Happiness Interviews handed in over the last 16 years. I could fill this entire book with marvellous excerpts, but, instead, I offer just one - written by Jo, a medical doctor in her 40s, who attended the course in 1998. Here is what she wrote: 
I don't think that I have ever let myself admit just how important happiness is to me. I've always wanted to be happy. I guess I just 'hoped' happiness would bump into me one day. Just like a happy accident. Maybe I'm scared of committing to happiness - and failing. Imagine attending a happiness course and getting a failing grade at the end. What could  be worse?! Or maybe I've become too cynical for my own good. I feel like a part off me has given up on happiness. These days, I just try to look cool. 
I really want to commit to happiness now - not just for my sake, but for my husband's sake and for my children's sake. I know I will be a better wife, mother, AND FRIEND to them if I am happier. I just don't want to play safe - and get through life 'unhurt.' I want to get the TRUTH of what life is really about - and I think this happiness course can help. I don't want to look cool; I want to be REAL. And I want to participate WHOLEHEARTEDLY in my life - starting from now. So, I sign up. And I commit 100% to this course. Now Robert, let's get started! 
Indeed! Your happiness course has already begun. And from now on I invite you to imagine you are sitting in the class with me as you continue to read this book.