BONE BROTH SECRET by Louise Hay and Heather Dane

by: Louise Hay and Heather Dane

There is one vegan recipe but even that is treated as preparation for the meat-based broths – for this book to be of benefit you really do have to be a meat-eater! However it does use the bones, and they are parts of the animal that most people discard. Beyond that, this book is a delight. The colour photographs look great and it’s just such a blessing to have a healthy cookery book with such an active contribution from Louise Hay. I must confess, I feel positive just looking at her. In age she is getting close to ninety but in the many pictures of her and her co-author Heather Dane she just looks so radiant and alive. There is something very comforting about broths and I found it hard to believe all the uses they can be put to, including, believe it or not, Negroni cocktails and banana ice cream. The authors also provide affirmations to be used in conjunction with consuming the broths, depending on the particular healing process you might be undergoing. This traditional food is now being recognized as an essential element for wellness and longevity. Includes a handy metric conversion table.

Paperback, 400pp, 2016