by: Deepak Chopra

Rather than seeing himself as divine, a living god, Buddha saw himself simply as someone who is awake - the meaning of the name by which he became known. Here in all his mystery is the principal human being who ever gained enlightenment, who spent his long life trying to wake up the rest of us. Everything he knew, he knew from arduous, sometimes bitter experience. Deepak Chopra now offers his remarkable insights on the inspiring life of one of the world's most important figures. This re-imagining of his life, in the format of a novel, shows how the iconic journey of the prince who became the Buddha has changed the world forever, and how the lessons he taught continue to influence every corner of the world. Chopra brings Buddha out of the mists of time, filling him out in flesh and blood while still preserving his mystery.
284pp, 128mm x 198mm, Paperback, 2008

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