CELTIC HEALING ORACLE by Rosemarie Anderson

by: Rosemarie Anderson

Author Rosemarie Anderson has long felt a connection to the Celts, since she lived once in part of Germany that used to be their stronghold. She has created this deck of 64 cards as a way into learning from their wisdom and using their symbols as an oracle. The cards are all black and white with small touches of green and depict images from Celtic art and objects unearthed in archaeological digs. Their titles include The Triple-Mother Goddess, Cernunnos, Green Man and Tir Na Nog. There is also a colourful 166-page guidebook included. I found the whole deck and book set very attractive and I think it’s ideal for anyone who is drawn to the ancient Celts and their mystical traces on the land. They are also signs of a culture and tradition that is still practised and that we can connect to.

64 cards and a 166-page booklet, 2023

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