by: Lucy Bee

There’s been a lot of new information recently about oils in cooking and in nutrition in general, and they are now no longer the bane of all our attempts at healthy living. Olive oil has been much written about but coconut oil is relatively new to the scene. This is the first mainstream and commercial book published on the subject in this country: not only is it attractive and inspiring, but it also packed full of over 100 recipes, which range from smoothies to cakes to main courses. And it can also be used as a beauty product! The book is produced by a brand of coconut oil (Lucy Bee) so the marketing angle can become a bit tiresome, but relatively speaking that’s a minor quibble. The book looks great and also includes all sorts of extra nutritional information which really is going that extra mile. Every recipe is also marked for whether it’s gluten-free, dairy-free etc.

Paperback, 160pp, 2015

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