by: Gill Edwards

In Conscious Medicine Gill Edwards describes how the new biology and new physics, along with energy medicine and energy psychology, point the way towards a radical new approach to health and healing - one which is based on living in a conscious universe, rather than a material universe, tapping into the transformative power of consciousness, energy and the bodymind. She explains how emotions are crucial in health and disease, showing how, when you break your old habits of thought, you can not only reverse disease processes and heal injuries but also attract more positive events and circumstances into your life. Gill shares her own journey towards health (through cancer), 'miracles' in health, how negative thoughts can lead to illness, how the body speaks to us symbolically through symptoms and illness, how to break free from limiting patterns and create a new health-full future. Always thought-provoking and inspiring, as we have come to know and love Gill Edwards, her new work is an accessible, practical and joyous book.
368pp, 135mm x 215mm, Paperback, 2010

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