by: Athene Noctua

This is a really interesting new idea. The box is roughly credit card size and can be carried almost anywhere. There are only 13 cards in there and there isn’t a book inside, it’s more like a colour leaflet. There are very simple images on the card: of moons, crystals, animals and symbols, in mostly shades of blue. The set has a hint of mysticism about it and the cards make whatever situation you are in feel a bit more auspicious and magical. The words on the cards are very simple instructions: yes, no, choose a new direction, let go and not the right time, for example. So if you had a decision or a choice to make you would pick a random card and either act on what it says or realise that you disagree completely and go in the opposite direction. It would of course make a great gift. I think it’s a very useful tool to carry around in your pocket or bag, to help you make decisions like a pendulum can do.

13 cards, 98 x 72 mm, 2023